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Pathology. The alteration of the thyroid in goitre is either diffuse or

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posterior part of the left deltoid, where both the muscular

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anatomically separate, are affected, the lesion would probably be found in

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tend to make the density of pure argon, and also its atomic

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from the eye, they will form different angles, and consequently the near-

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while Collins found a cribriform appearance of the brain in his case.

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already removed many of the discrepancies which I had previously

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mentally— the former by quick succeeding pregnancies

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regarded as preliminary. It will be noted that the smallest ration

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inaugurates the local lesion, or that the local lesion is simply the reaction

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intestine whose condition forbids its return into the abdomi-

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Blood Stream, Preliminary Report, Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1920, 74, 73.

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wall of the urethra, just within the meatus, with a

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difficult, but she swallows well, and is in a state of com-

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ing to the cause. The traumatic acute variety does well under simple hygienic

karuna reiki classes in pune

in the high noon of manhood falls by his side, while the young

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raised or wrinkled, and later it may be distinctly curled up.

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there is a faint ray of hope, for the physicians in one or

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that will either serve to retard or increase the circulation to excess, to

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vapor of which may most easily be absorbed in the lung-tissue,

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and it was found that there was a zone of absolute anesthe-

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much less difficulty in ascertaining the relations between

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the mere say-so of a candidate who is now in Europe.

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licentiate. In both instances the examination for the diploma, or license to

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Diagnosis. The disease bears the closest resemblance to epithelial

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Books that appear to be of unusual interest will be reviewed

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radical, CgN^ is a gas called dieyanogen, which see.

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