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it will produce a hemiplegia with a hemiansesthesia on the same side if it

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the thigh and leg and of the abductors as compared with their antagonists.

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the simple hot or medicated water bath, may be used daily, or more fre-

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presence of the exudation in the course of the lymphatics. In old people

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culate, frequently filling the pharyngeal vault and interfering with nasal

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to be produced by thiosinamine. The local treatment is of especial value.

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to become discharged into the caecum, rectum, bladder, or vagina, or

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given in as large doses as can be borne in the latter part of the day is

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withstanding a distinct elevation of temperature. At first the pulse may

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therapeutic management seems required. This condition is often enor-

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skilful manipulation of the thermometer by a designing patient, but there

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The local applications are internal and external. At first the pa-

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that it is so ; yet, when least expected, the worst may befal, and thus

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tinal lymph-glands, and to be continued from a pleurisy or a pericarditis.

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As it is very important to. know, in advance, the size of the issue

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its mesentery, which abnormities tend to favor the accumulation of

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ular, fatty, or necrotic. The kidneys are enlarged from swelling of the

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contains about five million red corpuscles and six thousand white cor-

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337 cases not amputated — ^recovered, 117 — ^31 per cent.

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Eapid beating of the heart is usually considered to be the result of a

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little positive value, since he found it in sixteen per cent, of a number

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mously developed, irregularity in the growth of the nails, and defor-

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deltasone 10mg

The cysts project either from the surface of the heart or into the cavities,

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the conspicuous causes of general amyloid degeneration, the presence of

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described is that which is sometimes known as the intermittent type,

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skin or to the absorption of bile-acids. It is most severe in the palms

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the rash of scarlet fever, but the absence of fever and of sore throat, with

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of authorities concerning the mortality-rate of adult tetanus. Thus,

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The general treatment should be supporting and symptomatic ; ad-

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have special value : thus, Zitmann's decoction occasionally is successful

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follow closely the structural details of the normal liver, and the appear-

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