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wliich suggestion has been shown to play any part in the

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that Domain. — T'alueless in the Treatment of Mental Disease

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Pass List, December, 1892. The following candidates passed in :

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and his collaborators may, therefore, be congratulated on

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joints of the body. These were, however, especially well

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years, but hisher than the mean for the ten years 1881-90.

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great relief in cases of this kind under his own care.— Dr.

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duty " on the sick report, calling a hospital marquee a field

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fession as well as a large proportion of the lay public— to the

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recorded, namely, that out of 1,916 deaths from cholera at .^^adl•as only

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go, noble fellows as they are, often armed perhaps with more

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should have great weight. They confirm what is strongly

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matter, in which it originated, and along which it spread.

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latin by Peter Morwyng, felow of Magdaline Colleadge in

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in supporting the departments of bacteriology and the teach-

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Presiie«<.- Thomas Milsom, M.D., CM. Treasurer: Thomas

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hence a great many will think that 277 pages are enough for

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is the main factor in determining the birth-rate, an examina-

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■sickly inhabitants of narrow courts and dark mountainous

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We are in a position to state that the alarmist reports as to

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the Belgians has nominated Professors G. Dewalque, of

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public support, signed by Lord Kgerton of Tatton, late

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Court of Examiners, Auditors, Diplomas, Stamps, £. s.

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We are informed, upon unquestionable authority, that the

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Plates painted from Nature immediately after Death. By Dr. A. Kast

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Drs. Black, Finn, Ternan, Chisholm, Campbell, G. M. Camp-

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It would occupy too much space to give even a summarised

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Although local publicity has hitherto alone been sought for the follow-

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