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Thoracic Aneurism. Lecture by Prof. Janeway, . . 400
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and one which the surgeon even may not encounter in a lifetime. This
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1 : 100. Three strains of B. enteritidis were not agglutinated above
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had to do away with it. Another large school in the county, one of the
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difficult subject in so just and sensible a manner. His
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that it preserves its vitality in such water for several weeks or even
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Tincture of Castoreum, in 20 to 5j thrice daily, appears to lessen
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ever-advancing clinical sciences and their bewilderingly
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then pack from three to five yards of iodoform gauze into the pelvis, each strip
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vestibular or urethral glands and require other types
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its coming in contact with the coracoid process, and its further descent pre-
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cellent results with bacterial autogenous vaccines, especially among
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suffering from this form were for a long time considered as cases of ordinary
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•llh, into the colon, stomach, peritoneal cavity, etc. As regards the
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(iunshot f found of the Xixk, sevcriiifr the Cervical Plcjus of Nerves.
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basis, for they are the result of composite influences
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sion of the blood current, since in a frog's web separated from the rest of the
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the terminal fever we have an increase in the percentage of large mononuclears.
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the board of health of Philadelphia in the diagno.sis of ty-
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them from (l/e body. I is sa d L^"'' ?' '^^^^^'«"« romove them w.'« ^r'^.'^'^'^"^^"^ houfs'.nstead o^ffrP*^^^"'^ ^"^ turned on iL
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The left lung suffers more frequently than the right; in
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distinctly traced to some known period and to some certain
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certainly not such as to convey an adequate idea of

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