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acceptable to the invalids as that of the Swiss hotels. It must be remem-
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in the same country it was given by Cabiadis at 52-6 per cent. In other
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they can exercise such influence on the morbid changes in tissues and
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behind holds the instrument on, and any uncomfortable pressure of the
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tion with the mouth of the patient by means of two flexible tubes and
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but one duty to perform, viz. to deliver ; but, when coldness of theskin,
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takes place, a fresh rise of temperature, etc., accompanying a fresh local
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restriction is the cause of the rise. The sensation of chill is due to the
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time when the primary fever had lasted longer. Thus the intermission
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are agonizing, and the convulsions, which precede death so frequently in
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alone. On examination, he called it an adipose sarcoma.
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Bathing courses often act beneficially in allaying great sensitiveness
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(5) In cities, Avhere a notable part of the population lives on the
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the same applications, though of course the methods employed will vary
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of the poison already absorbed can be arrested. The collapse of severe
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cases. The attendants on the sick must also be very careful of any cuts,
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sive, and many points are yet in darkness which we hope are destined to
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1887, Nos. 27, 28.— 46a. Taylor, F. Guy's Hospital Reports, 1891, p. 169. — 47. Thiro-
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parts ; it is longest felt in the neck, back, and loins, and is liable to be
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clothes, could not be readily absorbed, notwithstanding the favorable con-
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given in very large doses (^l 40-60 of the tincture) every four hours.
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chloric acid (1 in 20) ; No. 2, a solution of sodium nitrite in water (i per
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are in a more hyperajmic and sluggish condition, as regards normal absorp-
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is peculiarly favourable to the reception and subsequent local multi-
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ence, (&) increase of spirometric capacity, and (o), in many cases of con-
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by far the greater number take place in the winter and spring. Oc-
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draw an analogy from economic conditions, like the want of circulating
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est, have their favourable influence, and, combined with light and sun,
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The beneficial effects of fibrin formation in serous cavities have been
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laryngeal palsy. Anything like extensive paralysis after diphtheritic
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enteric fever and septicaemia. Some of the most difficult cases are those
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prevailed through the winter, being kept alive by the high internal tem-
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only when a minute vessel is thus occluded that the abscess process
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that we can scarcely recommend these localities excepting in cases where
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for which be was exceedingly well qualified. In the department of
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cocci in the vesicles of herpes labialis, and thinks that this eruption
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system is not unfrequently present, in other animal forms, which in
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that age. Speaking generally, and including non-fatal with fatal attacks,
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may also be altered ; the systole of the heart is strengthened and pro-
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And Lavdowsky has described very exactly what other observers had
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mere survey we have probably said enough. We must content our-
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ease ; lastly, the amount of ptomaines separable from large and copious
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