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hole may be seen, and on passing a probe into this it will be

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of fat. Baginsky has shown that large colonies of bacteria are

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through which emission, conception, parturition, &c, are effected.

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Sixth Experiment. — The same experiment, performed with

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search failed to show any other cause for the symptoms.

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inference that the vagus or recurrent nerve has been

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serious error. If a man be affected with phthisis pulmonalis, with pneu-

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ably illustrated, by very familiar looking cuts, which have undoubt-

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J. A. Eve, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics, &c, in the Medical

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merely the third stage of inflammation, inasmuch as pus is never

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Strangulated Crural Hernia with SlougMny of four inches

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how to use the douche, leaving them a bottle of chloroform,- and

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in question, our oldest and most esteemed practitioner says, l< Since

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to the conditions of excitement and depression, the most promi-

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otherwise, in order that sufficient air might be admitted, at

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inhabitants of the southern part of the continent. It is a mat-

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ble physiological cause, whose operation would be more likely

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1855.] Holt t S Letters upon General Pathology. 837

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5th. That although it is to a certain extent subject to the will, and can

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namely, on the 2d of July, the remainder was carefully removed

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smitten, which finds hardly its equal in the whole materia

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to prevent the occurrence of inflammatory reaction.

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ceous. The spiracles, therefore, are transferred to the ventral

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Bull to grow mellow after filling his stomach with M the

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Gum Mezquite as a substitute for Gum Arabic. By George G.

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the arm had descended into the vagina, full sixty hours previously.

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doubtful if this plan will succeed ; it is certain, however, that the

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mg, it is designed to subserve the purposes of a " vade mecum" and is

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In truth, if no other example were extant, than that of St. Mar-

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mentioned measures, bland but nourishing food, and absolute

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this process allege that the reaction which follows such freezing is some-

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bronchial affection — resulting at different times, in a profuse

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is but one in two hundred and seven thousand, something more than

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ficial stimulation. This has been termed the " Sympathetic

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of impaired adduction of the true cord, because the

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cumference. The patient remained in bed, and went on to the

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tracing effects to their causes, in every branch of science,

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him an income of $5,000 a year, he would ever have turned his back

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