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that the duties of visiting District and County societies be divided yearly between the

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A case of unilateral opbtbalnioplegia. Univ. M. Mag.,

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is compelled to use the part of the brain presiding over these

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cal England listens each year is really remarkable, and lec-

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the poison X., of which from two to four grains suffice to poison B.

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greatly improved in a short time and have a chance of

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The fourth cervical segment lies about opposite the third cervical

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excised, the angles of the wound brought together, and the centre, when

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globin, and 5800 whites, the differential count showing 38 per

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aion. I from the serious and even fatal effects which have

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the symptoms returned it was, save in one case, due either

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high quality seafood products. Establishing international standards for computer

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.A. case of atrophic cirrhosis of the liver, and atrophic

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As to Dr James' logical canon that what contradicts "common

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Case 20. — C. J., a first cousin once removed of D. C. (Case

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portion." In the enunciation of this axiom, a great step was

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think, to prove its right to a place on the dispensing table of every Me*

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Results of bacterial counts of market milk in Washington, 1906 and 1907 — Continued.

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doors, and it may continue for one, two, or three days. In the progress of

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organs being purposely punctured to allow some contents

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two piincta lachrjmaiia, one in the upper and one in the lower

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formed a single drop of pus, the complication arising from

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Dr. DaUon exhibited a specimen of the Surrinam toad ; its back

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balf pints, and passed twenty4wo pints, fot forty-seven days the

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fect they must have periods of inactivity ; to do their best

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tions on the exercise of that privilege"; and further that "while the

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It is the first element of every problem, involving considerations

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could be shown that not only should four throat cultures be taken, but

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sibility in close central connection with a part of much

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5. Some Clinical Observations in Rectal Diseases. B. Sher-

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breast, during its first months of life it would get odIj

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had been a chronic dram drinker, and an excessive drinking

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Ear Cones (Soluble). — A new method of medication in ear diseases

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Mr. Heney Leb considered inflammation produced by a

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Directory of Homoeopathic Physicians in the State of

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tacks of intense pain, with suicidal ideas, are to be

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At a meeting of the Obstetrical Society of London, held

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the assaults of antiseptic drugs and continue to *'hold the fort" in spite of our

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i^Mne.. In s.,me can-s it is preferable t,, make culture media .-peciallv

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this may without harm be preceded by a gentle attempt

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Committee with some amendments and was by them reported

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wide and absurd destruction of intranasal tissue seems im-

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8. Leitner, S. J. : Der Morbus Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann.

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compensated in a fairly brief period of time. In a case described

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