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superseded by a better. She " throws back " to her savage ancestors. By
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cer of the tongue. The risk is really very small. I have not had a fatal
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tion. This is a subsequent change which takes place
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what little knowledge I possess with regard to the emer-
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the murder till four weeks after the interment of the
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and swabbing the tonsils, &c., with glycerine of carbolic acid.
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account of a similar instance occurring in a little girl, and on
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many officers, drawn from the common pursuits of life, are con-
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laxative be exhibited, it should be given in moderate doses, and at
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presence of serous fluid within the membranes of the brain,
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Death from pyaemia six months after the injury. Length of
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gentleman must feel much obliged for the compliment which
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Sci'otum : two cases of complete hypospadias with split scrotum
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"Brave New World,” in which all the rich protein, the B
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jections were made, various stimulating and anodyne liniments
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thing is done with all the slighter cases; on the other hand,
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succeed (professionally as w^ell as to get along financially) is just ai*
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pital practice. In retinitis associated with chronic nephritis,
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general is in good functional condition. The petechiae mider the left
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ing their full unconstraint, whence it dips backward,
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power of accommodation is correspondingly lessened. This is
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cohol and thoroughly dried. The tip of the finger or lobe of the ear
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this pain is either totally abolished or diminished to a
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one alone is dilatcd,one effect of it is that the apex-beat is displaced outwards
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devdopment of the parasites in a triple quartan. It may be stated that Golgii
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have a bottle of Vaseline, one of Ammonia, one of good brandy or
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lislie'l ill 1820, in the fourth volume of the Jledl-
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' Tlie appearance of the parasite is worm-like, being 28 to 33 f 1"
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at present there is atrophy of the limbs with twitching, but
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some of the leucocytes actually contain more bacteria after eight
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The widespread vascular and meningeal involvement in these three
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reddish gray swelling due to the presence of leprous tissue
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the waves of the sea. In light the vibrations are at
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mercury is added to the sugar-containing liquid the latter quickly be-
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ground, frothing so as he did at the mouth for anger when
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the act of grasping the hammer, apparently so severe that he could scarcely

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