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"It seems well settled that this clause (that 'one prac-
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few isolated tubercles, which would indicate activ-
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Stomach was examined again in the morning in fasting
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period came on. The period before (and before crotalin
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Cl.\rk, John A., Captain, Medical Corps. Leave of ab-
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fective strength, and it is my opinion that this is
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grave. The chief thing to be done is to relieve the
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toward the gout, but with careful avoidance of any depressing agents. Gen-
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the posterior fossa, the operation should be subten-
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Under Domestic Postage Rates, $5; under Foreign Postage Rate,
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exceed that for the normal individual unless possibly at the onset of an acute
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solids at the bottom and top and a layer of liquid be-
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segments or rupture of the chordae tendinese. Eolleston and Dickinson
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pharynx. It is a singular fact that I have verified
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eral improvement of hospital service at all times and every-
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