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form of albumen, and thus a nutriment, or agree with other physiolo-
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the cyst might be classed as a sarcoma, that is. it con-
cases of necessity should traction upon the head be made,
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in this country to that high standard which shall be commen-
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Calabar Bean, long before the spinal nerves lose their power to conduct.
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he thought that Dr. Keyes' paper presented a method of
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teeth are said to become black, and his skin has been described as acquiring
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or have attended to a gross pathologic change in the cecal region or
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some which might be adopted with great advantage to the
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ments just recounted would be of great assistance in
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The majority of the surgical opinion, informally expressed,
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Rupture into the stomach or the duodenum is usually followed by
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whitish. Although the lungs in this instance also contained more blood
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edged by every one who has given it a thorough trial to be
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Thus the matter stood, between an artificial anus, with its well-known
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greatly, even under apparently physiologic conditions, so that only con-
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In the same season I was called in great haste to see a lad
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ing heart, and the use of cactus inclines me to think
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mere color of the surface, which grows darlcer as danger increases, is
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evident, therefore, that these persons lacked some predisposing
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erated and found the gall bladder contracted down in a cicatricial
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and operating room must be constantly employed upon
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experiment is undoubtedly a very important one, the difficulties surrounding a
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the past year the corporation have spent £10,000 in connecting
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From a perusal of the above rather formidable list of conditions,
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and in no one of these cases was there a spreading in-
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tages of an habitual out door life over the healthiest in-
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feels in the uniform that bears the marks of many a
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is 192 kilometers, which means 120 miles. The width of this country,
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