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in hysteria and which occur especially in the so-called " hysteria major" as a variety

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space of the posterior fossa, and give rise to lepto-meningitis. (2)

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colour, and their walls thickened, so that they can be cut easily trans-

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ooald recollect only one case in which it was necessary to put on

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forms of tuberculosis the Widal reaction is wanting. There

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The nose in scarlet fever may be a source of great trouble,

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evidences of grave disease without further inquiry as to his habits.

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disease advances trembling and convulsions are manifest-

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medullary substance, in order to allow the macerating fluid to have

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mission," that is, that children of drinking parents inherit

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saw her soon after and administered remedies ap[)ropri-

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doubt, a remarkable one, and most interesting to the man

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antiseptic to these organs and also to the bladder.

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has never had syphilis nothing definite is known. In some cases this

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4; In fact, this case^ which has been so much wondered at, seems

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those both of the artery and chest. On the third day of these symptoms h^

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In a work published in 1889 by Reunert on peritonitis in typhoid fever by perforation

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Also. Reprint. Also: Lancet, Lond.. 1888, i 1021 —

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have fallen upon some other region. These morbid sensations once

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of acute nephritis ; but it is probable that occasionally it is due simply to

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(centres of nutrition, growing, or germinal centres), divide, so

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to apply a saturated solution of the acid by means of some cotton wool

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average r5795 per cent. In the second sub-group are placed:

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The last improvement introduced by the inventor was that of a

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