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bacteria, streptococci and staphylococci predominating.

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" is that we have not far to go. He is here. Will you

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subcutaneoush' inoculated a goat with bovine tuberculosis. The

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Infirmary, because the average cost of each led occupied is open to

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the disease had assumed a chronic form. The animal was bought by a

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of the court seemed, when we saw it, to be reserved exclusively for bleach-

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portion of a lobe, we have sometimes complete gangrene These con-

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Suppuration and pulmonary gangrene, as I have said, almost always

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tremity. The marks of the fading eruption are plainly visible now.

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on the large colon, jejunum, and ileum. At its upper part, towards the

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on its hocks, to make a sudden movement and fall over. Just at this

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perate, he accepted the offer. Early in iSl 7 he proceeded to Goree, the

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excruciating pains at times, reduced me to a skeleton, and also made child-bearing im-

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"Lest, derided, he miscarry at last, and break his wind."

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Sir W. Fergusson exhibits a handsome article of jewellery, consisting

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sections were made, but no bacilli found. Four guinea-pigs were intra-

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Brown : Injury to the back and pelvis ; no fracture ; only slightly able

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ounces of blood from the loins we relieve the renal congestion, we

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This afforded some relief, and for about forty minutes the animal

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the opportunity thus liberally afforded by their British brethren to

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primary disease to which it is due) it commonly indicates change in

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public hospitals ; and he never took upon himself in any way the office

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** I am sorry, doctor," said he, *'that this, the first

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animal's gaze becomes fixed, tears escape over the face, and the

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facture of which sugar is employed ; for, if the organic impurity in the

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it had enjoyed good health and done regular work. We were informed

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May i6th. He had a good night. Pulse 112; tongue slightly

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This chronic eczema produces permanent changes in the skin. The

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and without tearing ; the reason being that the anterior edge is very

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students. The former will attend the theoretical and clinical courses;

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On microscopic examination these tumours appeared formed by

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