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object, extending into the sensorium, it acquires a tendency to act this

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probability the supervention of prostration and rigors. (See

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face; treatment by freezing with rliigolene spray. Med.


sory to graduation in the University was just published a

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Unbalanced Physical Development and Pubertal Morbidity.

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supposed partisanship of the experts. This, as he had said,

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recovery from insanity after operations upon the brain, especially

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an interval between birth and the performance of vaccination (six mouths) ; (2) as

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very distinctly perceived by some intelligent patients, and demon-

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scarcely be overlooked by that eminent operator, or the no less

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of Koenig's patients paralysis of the sixth pair was preceded and accompanied by a

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ence seen persons apparently about to die, having had

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sitive on pressure. The lymphatic glands of the groin and

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been under the most perfect control of a large, kind heart,

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an opinion is sought on this subject, the Practirioner is only

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thoracic ( ]-"ip. 32) and lymphatic ducts. The lyniphalic system has

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fixed over these. Drainage opening made abov^e pubis. Ab-

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bathing the eyes with warm water or freshly-drawn milk.

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two, three, or four months. It will be worse than throw-

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3. A bloody discharge is often set vp by tlie introduction of the

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examined during reaction there was congestion and purulent

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bly to a s|)ecial infection. He upheld the morbid entity of

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Most of you have seen tliat man quite lately. He was in the hospital

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come in contact. The length of time during which this improvement

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diabetic coma is the result of acetoniKmia. lie has administered without

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action on their part, the disease would prove far more rapidly

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without interruption over a period of several weeks. In

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was tried by giving her, as before, 0.5 gm. of quinine hydrochlorate in

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when he published the 12th edition of his Systema, no less than

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give him good nursing and fresh air. Fever must be treated by

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ment of scientific medicine has there been more discriminating

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tory power compatible with perfect health in women, I am

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may lose the feeling of self, and this may go farther, so that they have

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however, has recently shown that if this were the case an interval would

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Physician," either in speaking of the treatment of this disease, or in

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existence than others. From this point of view influenza is a miasmatic

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organs, the structure of the uterus, or womb, is peculiar in

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when hasmorrhage has occurred the amount of blood lost may

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verified by numerous observers, and an exhaustive j^aper on the

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Modern equipped building, unsurpassed laboratories,

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But one frightful danger menaces — we cannot boil his thumb!

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•♦•jl -^I'.TiTT^ 5»T*c«'-i'?*o«»i;'v«^C'ii-xeo«^'^ ajo*^

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no material consequence for the child, and only deems it best to wait

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exclude a slowly growing primary but latent carcinoma

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hair seen in the eyebrows, eyelashes, and This treatment was employed in thirty-

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Kenntniss der Lahmungen nach ebistiscLer Umschniiriug

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and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine ; Stanford

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