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At my request the husband went for Dr. Gillette, who came at
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works of English authors, it is written in a charming style, "as inter-
one person after the other, until most of the inmates of the house
dence that such a process takes place. The red corpuscles appear before the
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These cases were apparently made largely of dirt and are commonly
proach, giving him some gentle warning with your voice
descent occurs. The springs, doubtless, by virtue of their effort to
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long, woody pieces, one-half to three inches in diameter, with a
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and the immediate application of the specific treatment."
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The range of temperature (Fahr.) is given in Diagram I.
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that this disease is more common in the female than in the male sex ; and
of the pupils indicates an affection of the sympathetic
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hospitals as well as in private houses. If the weather is favourable the

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